International Business Organization Development Factors For Consideration

International Business OrganizationExport/International business can take on many challenges as it unfolds. Goal should be to construct the company’s strategic building blocks, using it’s assets to support international opportunities. The outline is formatted from a more basic approach, increasing through stages of complexity. There will be points below that overlap and dovetail. Some corporations may have already touched on many of these points. The examples below are geared toward the food/protein industries. Nevertheless, the concepts are transferable to many others. Below are organizational ideas for consideration:I. International Business Unit Establishment- Create P&L.
A. Budget to encompass 3-5 key trade shows and conferences that support the geographic strategy.- Restaurant Chain Shows (Subway, McDonalds, etc.)- Important shows that demonstrate a company’s willingness to globally expand with the chains.- Distributor Shows.- Trade organization conferences. Provide key insights to new emerging markets and trends i.e., USMEF, USDEC, etc.B. Forecasting- By product category and market to determine business profitability.C. Expenses- Identify expenses against the business. Be fiscally prudent.II. Geography- Are the most immediate markets being efficiently addressed by export? Begin with the immediate opportunities i.e., target nearest or import friendly international geographic markets.A. Canada-B. Mexico-C. Caribbean-D. Domestic Exporters-III. Export Product Portfolio- Product’s export potential? What are the popular US items sold? Using meat products as an example:A. Pork- More than likely highest export potential.B. Poultry- Certain drawbacks (Avian viruses), but often has the necessary price points for market entry.C. Beef- Still questionable into many overseas markets (BSE). Slowly improving.D. Other- Veal and lamb offer the specialty items often sought in many of the smaller boutique markets i.e., Caribbean. Should be a high margin opportunity?IV. Utilize and maximize current customer base. Grow internationally with domestic customers.A. Chains- What chains are currently being serviced (i.e., McDonalds)? What are the int’l springboard applications of those chains?B. Distributors- GFS,US :: GFS, Canada; Sysco, US :: Sysco, Canada…Sysco, Export
C. Schools- Offer products supplied to the US to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam have same requirements.D. Retail.V. Expand Geography- Be first in emerging markets. Chains, trade organizations and trade shows will assist in breaking into new venues.A. Australia, open to US pork imports. US plants must be Australian approved.B. Brazil and Argentina- as economies improve, so should pork imports.C. Middle East- Israel.D. Asia- SE Asia, Latin America.VI. Product adaptation-A. A commitment to international product customization. Overcome import non-tariff barriers through product modification.B. As point “A” is evaluated, determine volumes and pricing with the customer completing the value proposition.C. New protein introduction- Growing US Hispanic community looking to satisfy traditional diets i.e., goat. US ranchers begin to emerge from their traditional ranching habits to fill a consumer need. Shift creates new export opportunities.D. Profit Margin/Revenue Growth- Theoretically, there is no competition for custom production and margins should reflect business value.VII. Resource utilization-A. R&D efforts to meet a qualified opportunity. Example, a 51% breaded product can be exported to Canada vs. a product with less than 50% breading.B. Account Managers- Joint calls on corporate to further support the chains international expansions.Distributor Managers- Joint calls in evaluating immediate opportunities extending across borders.
C. School Managers- Joint calls in US territories to expand and maximize product presence.VIII. International Partnership Arrangements. Partnering/Joint Ventures with like businesses overseas. Some ideal targets are Japan, Australia, Mexico, China. Key defining terms…product novelty, business profitability, uniqueness, pricing, product demand, market distribution, language understanding, product understanding. If there is a commitment from an overseas manufacturer who understands the product/species, but lacks certain manufacturing capabilities, a partnership should be suggested.A. Responsibility considerations :o Raw Material Hedgeo Currency Hedgeo Brokerage Agreemento Time lineso Production Capacityo Legal contract/Export InsuranceB. Partner’s Responsibilities:o Volume Projectionso Co-Pack Agreemento QA Plant Approvalo End User Presentationso Stand-by Letter of Credit/Purchasing Contracto Exclusivityo Currency Hedgeo Other product opportunitiesNotice currency hedge may fall under both and is open for negotiation. It depends on relationship’s strength. Many times it should be for the account of the partner. An exception may be made to consummate the deal, or as a long term service insuring a yearly contract renewal.IX. Licensing- Often used as a barometer in evaluating potential opportunities and minimizing immediate risks.A. Brand Licensing- What is the true value of a certain brand in an international market? Would be determined by the partner company in that country.Example. What was the value of the Parkay brand in Canada? Became the second best Canadian margarine brand. Produced by Parmalat in Canada. Brand was licensed by ConAgra US.B. Technology- Minimizes capital overseas investment, while transferring US production technology.X. Mergers and Acquisitions- Up to this point a corporation may be supplying and evaluating their export potential. Simultaneously, it should be considering the business worthiness of certain key markets. Ultimately, it may consider investment in those markets.A. Partnership/JV company may be ripe for buy-out.B. Margin potential internationally warrants an acquisition for corporate diversification purposes.
C. Many similarities i.e., language, business culture, profitability, increased product demand from growing middle class, business supporting political environment.D. Overcome stringent food import barriers i.e., EEC. Example- Companies have improved international exposure, opening manufacturing plants within the EEC. An example has been the recent purchase of Sara Lee European brands by Smithfield.XI. Summary- These idea compilations are based on 20 years of international business experiences with four major corporations and an MA in International Business. No one size fits all. The outline can be used to build new profitable opportunities that may not otherwise have been realized or fully exploited.

How I Got 70,000 Useless Visitors To My Site In One Day! (Analysis of Social Bookmark Traffic)

Recently, a page on one of my websites was bookmarked
or listed on Digg, a popular social bookmark site. It
gave me the perfect opportunity to study and analyze
the traffic coming from these social media sites. Read
to discover the advantages and disadvantages of social
bookmark traffic and how it can be applied to your
own online marketing or site.Is Social BookMark Traffic Useless?First, we must make the distinction that no traffic
is useless. Any visitor to your site is a good thing
and should be welcomed. However, all traffic is not
created equally, there are great differences in the
sources of your traffic. This article takes a close
analytical look at social bookmark traffic from an
internet marketing perspective.In case you haven’t noticed, right now social bookmark
and media sites are all the rage on the web. Social
bookmark traffic comes from such popular sites as
Slashdot, Digg, Stumbleupon… basically these sites
are driven by their users — that is, users or members
pick and bookmark the content they want to view and
discuss.These social bookmark sites are extremely popular;
they command the high traffic numbers most ordinary
sites can only dream about obtaining.But is this social bookmark traffic useful?Is it worth your time? Should you be actively promoting
to these social media sites? Is social bookmark traffic
of any use to the affiliate marketer? Should you
concentrate your online marketing efforts on these
types of sites? More importantly, what are the benefits
and disadvantages of getting a front page listing on
a sites like Digg or Stumbleupon?As a full-time online marketer I wanted to know the
answers to those questions. Moreover, I wanted to
discover how or if I could use these sites from
an online marketer’s advantage; i.e. how can they
help me create more online income.Recently, the Digg listing gave me a first-hand
opportunity to really study these sites.Of course, nothing happens without a reason… I did
actually court these social bookmark sites by placing
the free bookmark on all my pages. You can
do the same. This simple bookmark lets your visitors
bookmark your content for you in all these sites; it
only takes a few seconds to place the bookmark code
on your webpages.But be careful; getting your site featured on the
front page of these sites can drive 100,000′s of
visitors to your site immediately, so much traffic
that it may overtax your server and crash it.So be warned; if you’re actively promoting to these
social bookmark sites just make sure your servers or
web hosting is up to the demanding task of handling
all these sudden visitors.In my case, it didn’t crash my servers but unfortunately,
the page/link in question featured an old poorly
written article I did on the history of the Internet.
It was just some random facts and things about the web,
not really an article at all. Why it was even
featured on Digg is a puzzle and beyond me.But still I am not one to waste an opportunity, so I
put my Google Analytics into overdrive and starting
analyzing these visitors and social bookmark traffic.It pointed out some very interesting factors about this
social bookmark traffic.Most of this traffic will:
simply bounce back
very few visitors will spend much time on your site
very few visitors will even venture into your site
very few will sign up to your newsletter
very few will enter your marketing follow-ups/funnels
(The unknown variable here being the content on your
site, how good it is? How well does it perform?)Regardless, one common problem with traffic from these
sites, it’s very temporary traffic. The high volume
will only last a few days… until your item is moved
back from the front page.These visitors will not stay on your site long and
most are gone within seconds, never to be seen again.
A few may sign up to your newsletter or venture to
other areas of your site but not many.Social bookmark traffic is very fleeting, like
customers in the drive-through section in a fast
food restaurant, they grab the content and surf back
to the major linking site very quickly and surf
on to the next item.This traffic will behave very differently than
organic traffic from the search engines, or from
your newsletter traffic or from traffic in your
marketing funnels. Much different.It was unlike getting one of my articles featured
in Addme or SiteProNews, where I can easily get 200
or 300 new subscribers in a day. Plus, these visitors
are interested in my information and have been exposed
to my content (article) before coming to my site.So there was no comparison; I would take the
traffic from these sites any day over traffic
from the social bookmark sites. And I would
take free organic traffic from the search engines
over any other source of traffic including
PPC traffic.So the question remains – is social bookmark traffic
useless?First, as I mentioned before, you must realize no
traffic is useless; any visitors to your site is a
good thing. Without traffic your site is worthless,
just a few files sitting on a server in the middle
of nowhere.Obtaining visitors is one of your first objectives
as a webmaster. You have to get visitors to your
site or it’s game over.The best kind of traffic is traffic coming from
organic search, visitors who come from the search
engines seeking exactly what you’re offering on
your site. These are targeted visitors who will
consider your offer, real your information,
maybe buy a product or sign-up to your newsletter
or follow-up system. They often become repeat
visitors to your site. These are your ideal visitors.
This is the kind of traffic you want.Social bookmark/media traffic is different but it
does have some saving graces.Mainly it can help expose your site to millions and
help brand your site or business. It can get the word
out about your site. Start a buzz.If you have a site that appeals to the mass market,
then these social sites could be an excellent
recruiting ground for visitors and traffic.These social sites are good for another reason;
getting your links on all these high traffic,
high PR7 and PR8 sites can’t hurt your search
engine rankings. Once featured on a site like
Digg, your link will appear on many secondary
sites around the web, so far 500+ and counting.
Monkey see, monkey do. Although it has never been
my main ambition to get featured on, all
these sites do have high PR ranks so from a SEO
standpoint it is not necessarily a bad thing.Since many of these visitors will be using the
Firefox browser which has the Alexa toolbar
embedded – your site’s traffic rank will increase.
Over 50% of the bookmark traffic coming to my site
were using the Firefox browser. Alexa’s traffic
rankings are not a true picture of the web’s
traffic but it’s a good measuring stick,
nonetheless.Google might even consider it when ranking your
site. Google basically considers their whole
indexing system as a democratic voting structure…
sites give a vote by linking to your content;
wouldn’t it also be reasonable to assume more
traffic means more votes. So wouldn’t getting a
lot of traffic or being featured on a site like
Digg where the users vote to propel the best
content to the front be the ultimate vote.One strange thing I did notice, for some reason
the traffic from Stumbleupon was different. These
visitors stayed longer on my site and reacted more
like organic traffic. Maybe the Stumbleupon site is
of a higher quality and this may have been reflected
in the quality of the visitors coming from there.
It also reminded me, all traffic from these social
media sites can’t be judged with the one brush.This whole experience also pointed out another
important factor; it made me realize how unsuited
my content is for the general web surfer or the
mainstream web. Just how much my online sites are
geared towards marketing and selling. My main goal
as an affiliate marketer is to gather leads and make
sales for the companies and products I promote. All
my sites and content were planned and organized to
first draw in targeted (warmed up) visitors from free
organic search and from my online articles.If I or anyone wanted to take advantage of this
social media traffic, you would have to create
your site/content to appeal to these surfers and
then somehow draw them into your marketing funnels.
I don’t know if the majority of the users of these
bookmark sites would make good prospects, but my
guess is not very likely, the nature of the beast.
But it would largely depend on what you’re offering
on your site and how well it is suited to these users.So I am not drawing any conclusions yet. Hopefully, I will have further chances to study traffic
from these social sites and get the long-term effects,
especially in regards to my keyword rankings in the
search engines before making any final judgments.For now I will keep an open mind but the jury is still
way out whether or not social bookmark traffic is worth
the interruption to the daily marketing tasks of your site.
Just seems like much ado about nothing.

Why Most Bloggers Never See Their Blogs As a Business

Two bloggers, Martins and Smith were walking on the road and the following dialogue ensued:Martins: Smith, how do you consider blogging?Smith: Well, I think blogging is a big businessMartins: Blogging, a big business? How?Smith: Because it is run like any other businessMartins: Don’t you think other businesses are different from blogging?Smith: How do you mean?Martins: Other businesses are operated by real businessmen while blogging is operated by bloggersSmith: Oh! I see! But what makes a business?Martins: Businesses involve investment and they generate profits tooSmith: Really?Martins: Yes!Smith: Don’t you invest time, money and intellectuality into blogging?Martins: Yes, we doSmith: Don’t blogs generate incomes from AdSense, advertisement, affiliate sales, sponsored posts and links, flipping, membership, etc?Martins: They doSmith: Then how are blogs different from other businesses?Martins: Hmmmmmmm! I never considered these questions before. I thought only those businesses with a tag are qualified to be called a business.Smith: Anything that involves investment of any kind and then yield profits is a businessMartins: Oh, I see! Thanks for the clarification. I will start taking my blog as a business from now henceforth.Are you still in doubt?Do you still wonder if your blog is a business? Did you start your blog as a past time? Did you build your blog because you just wanted to share your thoughts with the world? A lot of people started for one reason or the other – share thoughts, update personal album, promote business brand, sell products, solve people’s problems, provide tutorials, etc. So everybody actually started with a dream, and each person’s dream could be different from the next person’s.However, some of these dreams get modified as time goes by. New ideas crop up and get integrated into the dreams. Those who started with the purpose of sharing their thoughts, updating their albums, providing tutorials or solving problems begin to see why they should add a little way of making money so as to keep maintaining their blogs or take care of other personal needs.What makes blogging a business?The following characteristics make blogging a business; and if your blog has any of them, then you should consider it for what it is – business:Generates Income: Businesses generally generate incomes for their owners. Income could come from selling products on your site (profits), earnings from advertisements, membership fees, consultancy, etc. So if your blog gets money from any of these channels, your blog is a business.It’s an investment: Business involves financial investment in order to get make profit or interest. Wikipedia defines investment this way, investment is putting money into an asset with the expectation of capital appreciation, dividends, and/or interest earningIn other words, your blog is an investment because you are paying for web hosting, website design/development, templates, plugins, special scripts, webmaster services, etc, with the intent to make some gains either in the immediate or in future. Apart from investing money, you are also investing your time on a very serious note. Hope you agree with me on this?Employment generation: Employment generated by blogs is a two-fold thing. The blog owner is gainfully employed, and secondly, he employs writers or maintenance engineers to keep things moving smoothly on the blog. To be able to create employment, you are either a businessman or government.Retirement plan: A good business helps to secure the future of the owner. Good businesses are assets for the owners to lean on during their pension years. Blogging also provides that security if it is well handled and given the necessary attention it requires.Similarities between blogging and other businessesWhen it comes to business, there are a few distinguishable types of businesses that readily come to mind, and they include the following:1. Sole proprietorship: This is the type of business that is owned and managed by one person. Decisions making is done alone, and the death of the owner could also mean the death of the business. Most blogs are similar to the sole proprietorship kind of business in that the blogger runs his blog alone. He takes decisions alone, expands slowly and he’s a jack of all trade.2. Partnership: Partnership business involves two or more persons coming together to do business. While conventional businesses can operate on a partnership level, blogging can also be a partnership investment. A good example of partnership blog is the LeapZone Strategies where Isabelle Mercier Turcotte and Margarita Romano have been working together since 1996. Of course they both invest their moneys and also share profits and loses together.Other forms of business exist but we are okay with just these two. At least they have helped us to make our similarities. Now that we have seen the different types of businesses, that takes us to the next point.Why then do blogging businesses fail?Before now, some of us were not seeing blogging as a business. But now that we know, it is good to understand why a lot of blogging businesses fail. You don’t know some blogs fail? Well, they do, really! The nagging question that needs an urgent answer is why do blogging businesses fail?1. Failure to invest: One of the things I talked about earlier concerning business is that business requires investment (both finance, time, intellectuality, etc). Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers who are hoping to make money with their blogs are not investing real money to raise the standard of their blogs in order to make them marketable. Relying on freebies to run your blog in all aspects would at best make your blog a dumping ground for substandard materials.2. Lack of focus: Failing to focus on one’s dream or niche is one of the greatest reasons why a lot of bloggers fail to make it in their businesses. It has happened to me in the past. When I started my blog in 2009, it was pulling traffic and growing by the day. Suddenly I lost focus and began to pursue other dreams. That blog eventually paid the price of my loss of focus.3. Not driven by ambition: If you are not ambitious enough as a blogger, it would be difficult for you to succeed in your blogging business.”There’s no luck in business. There’s only drive, determination, and more drive.” -Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan”To become successful, one must put themselves in the paths of giants!” – Lillian CauldwellThe moment some bloggers attain a particular height, they feel they have arrived and there is no more need to improve or grow. The zeal to add more flavor, innovation and new features is simply not there anymore.4. Neglecting your customers: Customers are the real gem of every business and they must be treated with care and love. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners do not realize that their sustenance is ensured by the patronage of their customers. They simply treat their customers with disdain.”It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford”If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO”Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” – Peter DruckerMy word of adviceWe live in a world of intense competition, and only those who are willing to go the extra mile to do what others are not willing to do actually make it. As a blogger and a businessman, for you to succeed in your niche, you need to add the following to your portfolio:Invest in your business: Stop depending on freebies to run your business. The fact there are freebies and still there are paid versions of the same product is enough to convince you that freebies and paid products are never the same. In as much as you would need some freebies, you need also to invest real more to add some cutting edge to your business.Remain focused: If you chase two rats at the same time, you are going to end up getting none. Once you have a dream, make sure to pursue it to a logical end. Don’t get unnecessarily distracted along the way. Distraction and lack of focus are dream killers, and so they must be eliminated at all cost.Be driven by ambition: Don’t just go into any business because others are there. You must have the ambition and enough hunger to succeed in your chosen niche. If the ambition is strong enough, adequate energy would be released to help accomplish your dream.Treat your customers like gold: Yes, you heard me well! Your customers don’t deserve anything less. They pay the bills, and if they withdraw their patronage, you are nowhere. One satisfied customer brings 20 more; but one dissatisfied customer chases away 100 more. Do you agree with me?ConclusionBlogging is a business and needs to be treated as such. Stop treating it with levity because your future could largely depend on it. If you want your blogging business to prosper, you must be willing to invest money, time and intellectuality into it. Freebies alone can never give you the best in your business. Remember that you don’t pay the bills, the customers do. So never treat your customers shabbily because they are the reason you are still in business.Well, I would love to hear from you. Share your contributions or leave a question. Was this article helpful to you in some ways? Then remember to share it with your friends.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


Cholesterol Testing and the New Health Care Reform Bill, What Does That Mean to You?

As a means to make America healthier, the health care reform bill includes provisions to provide screenings for cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. These new rules allows for preventative care to be covered under your insurance plan at no additional cost. Under these new rules, if you enroll in a new health plan on or after Sept. 23, 2010, the plan must provide recommended preventive care services without cost-sharing such as co-pays or deductibles.Depending on the type of health plan and other factors such as your age, preventative care will include the following according to sources:· Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol test· Cancer screenings· Counseling on smoking cessation, weight loss, healthy eating, depression treatments, and reduction of alcohol use· Vaccines for measles, polio, meningitis, and HPV (human papilloma virus)· Shots for flu and pneumonia prevention· Screening, vaccines, and counseling for healthy pregnancies· Well-baby and well-child visits up to the age of 21, as well as vision and hearing, developmental assessments, and body mass index (BMI) screenings for obesity· Mammograms for women over age 40· Pap smears for cervical cancer prevention· Colon cancer screening tests for adults over age 50The plan is designed to create a country which will be healthier. This reform represents a fundamental shift in how you are going to be cared for. This reform will place the focus on how to keep you well rather than how to treat you when you are sick. So many Americans go about their daily lives without knowing the status of their well being. Many of you don’t realize that you have a potential life threatening condition such as high cholesterol until it’s too late. In most cases the co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs to help identify these problems are a stumbling block. This plan will provide you with the means to be tested so you can know where you stand so you can know what to do to correct these conditions before it becomes a serious issue. The reason why the health care reform bill has place an emphasis on preventative care is because chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others are responsible for seven of 10 deaths among American each year and account for 75% of the nation’s health care spending. According to government estimates between now and 2013, the new preventive care provisions will help an estimated 88 million Americans get preventive care, including those in group and individual plans.What you need to do is check with your employers and their insurance policy about what is covered under those plans, when the plans turn over to a new one the new covered preventive services provisions will take effect. If you have an existing health care plan you are paying for individually, contact them to find what will be the process to implement the provisions of the health care reform bill. In the meantime you are encouraged to go to check out, type in a health plan, and see if preventive care is covered under your current plan. As always to your health!

The Expansion of Home Health Care

In the 1950s, the United States saw a population increase like it had never seen before. Soldiers returning from the atrocities and disillusionment of World War Two were eager to start families and build successful lives. Now, as the children of these inspired veterans reach their later years, we as a country are faced with more elderly citizens to care for than ever before. This will put a significant strain on social services but it also opens up a lucrative opportunity for people and companies in the home health care field.It has been said that by 2025 the United States will have an estimated 72 million people over the age of 65. That’s more people than live in the entirety of France! As these elderly people fall ill or simply experience the symptoms of age, hospitals and health care providers will have to expand to meet this increased need.The worries for this situation include everything that comes along with dramatic shifts in demographics. The United States has never had to care for this many elderly people before in the history of the country. The transition to caring for this new population will of course mean significant cultural and structural changes. As most state and local governments are already in debt, this increased need for medical care is a quandary.In contrast to these worries, there are also lots of good things that can come from this transition. Most importantly, the jobs that will be created as the health care field expands will revitalize the American economy.A trend to watch in modern health care is choosing in home care rather than sending the patient to a hospital or assisted living facility. Home health care has a plethora of emotional and physical health benefits and is usually the top choice among family members of the elderly.Because in home care requires more staff, this trend will create even more jobs in the health care field. Having a respectable field of employment with a demand for workers equal to American unemployment rates is essential to revitalizing the economy.Enough jobs, it is well and widely known, means a healthy, sustainable and resilient economy. With more people unemployed than ever before, medical work is becoming one of the chief fields of study in colleges. As baby boomers age, the medical field is promised an ever-rising demand for all sorts of care.Did you know that two-thirds of people over 65 need a caregiver to assist them in their daily activities? That means that two-thirds of the estimated 72 million senior citizens in the year 2025 will require a medical provider in their home. Many people are worried that so many people becoming elderly will bury the existing infrastructure However, if carried out correctly, the influx of job openings in home health care and other medical niches could raise the economy from the dead.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


For what we need backsplash in kitchen?

Why is backsplash so practical in kitchen?

Backsplash is very practical element in every kitchen because it covers the area of the wall between kitchen counter top and the hanging cabinets.

Metal backsplash made out of copper, stainless steel or brass tiles with decorative motives allows to keep that wall’s area easy clean and to get luxurious atmosphere in kitchen.

It is highly practical solution to use in the kitchen.

Backsplash tiles protect the wall behind sink against any damage while any work, and they are very easy to maintain in tidiness.

The best effect in kitchen you can get if you install backsplash made of handmade copper tiles.

The Best ideas for kitchen backsplas

People often tend to forget about the details while the details create a marvellous effect of the look of interior.

Even small copper tiles elements might bring truly chic touch. Malleability of this material and talent of designer allows to create a wide range of astonishing forms and shapes of copper tiles backsplash.

Copper subway tiles are one of the most popular styles for backsplash design.

As an alternative option people often decide for stainless steel or brass tiles for backsplash.

Backsplash made out of copper, metal, stainless steel or brass can elevate the style of your kitchen. It is a great idea for those who seek fine elegance and the best quality of handmade backsplash. You can arrange tiles in any deigns to express your own sense of style.

Handmade ornamented tiles will definitely refresh the look of kitchen and introduce natural beauty into the interior.

Original home decor by using copper tiles

Uniqueness, elegance and practicality – there are the three words that properly characterize handmade copper tiles for kitchen backsplash. Always you can choose between individual decorative tiles or whole set to cover greater area.

Backsplash tiles can be used in diverse styles and everything depends on creativity of the homeowner.

Before you decide about individual style of your kitchen you should remember that there are various materials that you can apply in your house – shiny or patina orange colour copper, durable stainless steel, natural and resistance brass. Each of them is ease in maintenance and have own unique aesthetic values

Copper subway tiles can balance kitchen interior and elevate the look, and they are always an original finish that highlights beautiful features of a room.

Ideas for kitchen backsplash that shows your own style

There are many ways to introduce own unique decorative touch into your kitchen. Tiles made out of copper, brass or stainless steel due to their physical properties can be shaped in many individuals patterns.

Plants, animals and historical ornaments are common and well known motives in modern art and craftsmanship.

They appear in various examples of handmade tiles.

Even delicate floral motif will elevate and enrich the look of every kitchen.

Handmade backsplsh tiles are fantastic idea for small and spacious kitchen interiors because they always draw attention.

One from idea for copper or stainless steel backsplash might be a Celtic tree of life motif. It is an ancient symbol that represents harmony and everlasting connection between earth and heaven. Celtic tree of life refers to afterlife and rebirth in nature and human life.

Those symbolic tiles used on the wall as kitchen decoration can be a remarkable touch for any house, and for your house as well.

Give A Magical Look to Your Ordinary Kitchen with These Tricks

The kitchen is an important area of your house that requires proper care and regular assessment. You don’t have to stay with your old design just because you think you don’t have enough money because you can follow these simple tips to make your kitchen look magical without breaking your bank.


Backsplashes are a cost-effective way to reflect your taste and personality in your kitchen. When it comes to backsplashes, there are many choices available, so you can narrow them down based on your personal preference. You can use extremely popular peel and stick white wall tiles cheap to do it rightly.

Paper artwork

Have you been an origami fan or loved colouring? If you were, you can use your talent to decorate your kitchen and elevate its appearance. You may even give your kitchen a complete makeover with simple paper artwork without spending too much. All you are going to need is paper, some stationery items, and a bit of creativity.

Declutter your kitchen

It might save you a lot of trouble if you can just organize your kitchen a bit better. Nothing rivals the power of decluttering your kitchen and to be honest, nothing feels better than it. To do that, just spare some hours from your weekend and put your kitchen in order. Keep the toasters, blenders, and other accessories in their rightful place, and you are one step closer to making your kitchen magical.

Change lighting

You may not realize it but changing the lighting can change the whole look and feel of your kitchen. You might even fool people into thinking that you have redone your kitchen just by changing the lighting. To give a more modern and pleasant look to your kitchen, contrast your lighting with your wall colour, and before you know it, you will be looking at a completely different place.

Bring colourful fruits

A basket of fresh colourful fruits looks great everywhere, but there is no better place for it than your kitchen. Fruits can bring life to the kitchen. Decorate your kitchen with apples, lemons, pineapples, and bananas. This tropical blend of fruits will give a punchy look to your kitchen and people will be immediately drawn towards it. Remember to use real fruits to have a better effect.

Use the right tiles

Your kitchen flooring and wall design will impact the overall look of your kitchen. Decide what kind of mood and feel you want for your kitchen. Do you like bright colours or something dark to complement the ambitious décor of your house? Whatever you do, just make sure that it resonates with the rest of the house.

Be classy with your furniture

Here is where you might have to make a little investment. But you don’t have to spend extravagantly. The key here is to get the right furniture that complements your décor instead of an expensive one that looks odd.

Final Words

Your kitchen should look fabulous. With these simple tips, you can create a kitchen design that will blow other people’s mind. Pick whatever idea suits you best and start working on it.

Where to Buy and How to Install Handmade Copper Tiles for Backsplash

Every year, many people make renovation and remodelling their kitchen. Some from them design new look of the kitchen to follow new trends and to have a small or bigger piece of art in the kitchen. From few years, fashionable is to have handmade decoration in the kitchen, for example handmade metal tiles for backsplash.

First step to have metal tiles for backsplash should be analysing the new design of the kitchen and choosing material of the tiles. Most popular are copper tiles, but some peoples who choose general bright schema of colours for the kitchen and for them the best will stainless steel tiles. Don’t forget that on the market also have brass tiles with their specific colour, something between copper and silver. So, if you chose materials ad colours for your backspalsh tiles, then is the right time to buy them.

Where to buy handmade metal tiles for backsplash

If you decided to buy popular tiles for backsplash from serial production, there is no hard to find them. Every store with building materials have in their offer a few kinds of tiles made of painted plastic or other copper-colored material.

If you decided to buy original handmade copper or stainless steel tiles the best for you will to visit a few online shop with kitchen decoration, with tiles for backsplash and there you have big chance to find this what you are looking to your kitchen. At this moment I’d like to recommend for you an online shop Copper & Craft with handmade copper tiles from Leon. His tiles are a piece of true art for your home.

If you have chosen between many kinds of design and materials that right for you, then the next step is installation of tiles on the wall.

Installing a handmade metal tiles backsplash is a great way to upgrade the look of your kitchen and to put an art accent in the interior, but it is not easy work.

To install bcksplash tiles, you can order a professional installer, or you can to do it by yourself.

If you do it yourself instead of paying the labour costs of installation, you will save money for another improving of the kitchen.

If you’ve never installed backsplash tiles before, you may run into some complications, but you can get the help from tiles seller.

Every good shop with the tiles for backsplash have instructional video for customers to show them how correctly to install the tiles on the wall.

From the other hand, here I’d like to give a few advices about some common problems you may experience, and give you some tips to help you handle them.

Installation of copper tiles for backsplash – solutions and tips

• copper tiles for backspalsh are heavy, and they need a solid support beneath the bottom row. To provide support for tiles you can use countertops there, where possible is but in open areas you have to screw in a board on the wall.

• depending upon your mosaic tiles and kind of installation, you may have a problem with correct finish of installation and that moment you should use a trim pieces to finish. Trims or frames are always available to buy in the shop with tiles for backsplash. While buy them, you should remember that they must create a stylish look and good compose with the tiles as well.

• maintenance, the maintenance of copper tiles for backsplash is not a problem. For example, you can use 1/2 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of warm water or mild soap solution and a soft cloth. When cleaning the tile’s surface, wipe it gently, then rinse the rag with warm water. Wipe the tile’s surface until you make sure that any soap or dishwashing detergent residue is removed. Then dry the surface with a soft cloth.

As you see, it is easy to do it.

With this short information about kitchen design and about handmade copper or stainless steel tiles for backsplash you have chance to find right tiles for your interior and to install them by yourself.