Cholesterol Testing and the New Health Care Reform Bill, What Does That Mean to You?

As a means to make America healthier, the health care reform bill includes provisions to provide screenings for cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure. These new rules allows for preventative care to be covered under your insurance plan at no additional cost. Under these new rules, if you enroll in a new health plan on or after Sept. 23, 2010, the plan must provide recommended preventive care services without cost-sharing such as co-pays or deductibles.Depending on the type of health plan and other factors such as your age, preventative care will include the following according to sources:· Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol test· Cancer screenings· Counseling on smoking cessation, weight loss, healthy eating, depression treatments, and reduction of alcohol use· Vaccines for measles, polio, meningitis, and HPV (human papilloma virus)· Shots for flu and pneumonia prevention· Screening, vaccines, and counseling for healthy pregnancies· Well-baby and well-child visits up to the age of 21, as well as vision and hearing, developmental assessments, and body mass index (BMI) screenings for obesity· Mammograms for women over age 40· Pap smears for cervical cancer prevention· Colon cancer screening tests for adults over age 50The plan is designed to create a country which will be healthier. This reform represents a fundamental shift in how you are going to be cared for. This reform will place the focus on how to keep you well rather than how to treat you when you are sick. So many Americans go about their daily lives without knowing the status of their well being. Many of you don’t realize that you have a potential life threatening condition such as high cholesterol until it’s too late. In most cases the co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs to help identify these problems are a stumbling block. This plan will provide you with the means to be tested so you can know where you stand so you can know what to do to correct these conditions before it becomes a serious issue. The reason why the health care reform bill has place an emphasis on preventative care is because chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others are responsible for seven of 10 deaths among American each year and account for 75% of the nation’s health care spending. According to government estimates between now and 2013, the new preventive care provisions will help an estimated 88 million Americans get preventive care, including those in group and individual plans.What you need to do is check with your employers and their insurance policy about what is covered under those plans, when the plans turn over to a new one the new covered preventive services provisions will take effect. If you have an existing health care plan you are paying for individually, contact them to find what will be the process to implement the provisions of the health care reform bill. In the meantime you are encouraged to go to check out, type in a health plan, and see if preventive care is covered under your current plan. As always to your health!

The Expansion of Home Health Care

In the 1950s, the United States saw a population increase like it had never seen before. Soldiers returning from the atrocities and disillusionment of World War Two were eager to start families and build successful lives. Now, as the children of these inspired veterans reach their later years, we as a country are faced with more elderly citizens to care for than ever before. This will put a significant strain on social services but it also opens up a lucrative opportunity for people and companies in the home health care field.It has been said that by 2025 the United States will have an estimated 72 million people over the age of 65. That’s more people than live in the entirety of France! As these elderly people fall ill or simply experience the symptoms of age, hospitals and health care providers will have to expand to meet this increased need.The worries for this situation include everything that comes along with dramatic shifts in demographics. The United States has never had to care for this many elderly people before in the history of the country. The transition to caring for this new population will of course mean significant cultural and structural changes. As most state and local governments are already in debt, this increased need for medical care is a quandary.In contrast to these worries, there are also lots of good things that can come from this transition. Most importantly, the jobs that will be created as the health care field expands will revitalize the American economy.A trend to watch in modern health care is choosing in home care rather than sending the patient to a hospital or assisted living facility. Home health care has a plethora of emotional and physical health benefits and is usually the top choice among family members of the elderly.Because in home care requires more staff, this trend will create even more jobs in the health care field. Having a respectable field of employment with a demand for workers equal to American unemployment rates is essential to revitalizing the economy.Enough jobs, it is well and widely known, means a healthy, sustainable and resilient economy. With more people unemployed than ever before, medical work is becoming one of the chief fields of study in colleges. As baby boomers age, the medical field is promised an ever-rising demand for all sorts of care.Did you know that two-thirds of people over 65 need a caregiver to assist them in their daily activities? That means that two-thirds of the estimated 72 million senior citizens in the year 2025 will require a medical provider in their home. Many people are worried that so many people becoming elderly will bury the existing infrastructure However, if carried out correctly, the influx of job openings in home health care and other medical niches could raise the economy from the dead.

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For what we need backsplash in kitchen?

Why is backsplash so practical in kitchen?

Backsplash is very practical element in every kitchen because it covers the area of the wall between kitchen counter top and the hanging cabinets.

Metal backsplash made out of copper, stainless steel or brass tiles with decorative motives allows to keep that wall’s area easy clean and to get luxurious atmosphere in kitchen.

It is highly practical solution to use in the kitchen.

Backsplash tiles protect the wall behind sink against any damage while any work, and they are very easy to maintain in tidiness.

The best effect in kitchen you can get if you install backsplash made of handmade copper tiles.

The Best ideas for kitchen backsplas

People often tend to forget about the details while the details create a marvellous effect of the look of interior.

Even small copper tiles elements might bring truly chic touch. Malleability of this material and talent of designer allows to create a wide range of astonishing forms and shapes of copper tiles backsplash.

Copper subway tiles are one of the most popular styles for backsplash design.

As an alternative option people often decide for stainless steel or brass tiles for backsplash.

Backsplash made out of copper, metal, stainless steel or brass can elevate the style of your kitchen. It is a great idea for those who seek fine elegance and the best quality of handmade backsplash. You can arrange tiles in any deigns to express your own sense of style.

Handmade ornamented tiles will definitely refresh the look of kitchen and introduce natural beauty into the interior.

Original home decor by using copper tiles

Uniqueness, elegance and practicality – there are the three words that properly characterize handmade copper tiles for kitchen backsplash. Always you can choose between individual decorative tiles or whole set to cover greater area.

Backsplash tiles can be used in diverse styles and everything depends on creativity of the homeowner.

Before you decide about individual style of your kitchen you should remember that there are various materials that you can apply in your house – shiny or patina orange colour copper, durable stainless steel, natural and resistance brass. Each of them is ease in maintenance and have own unique aesthetic values

Copper subway tiles can balance kitchen interior and elevate the look, and they are always an original finish that highlights beautiful features of a room.

Ideas for kitchen backsplash that shows your own style

There are many ways to introduce own unique decorative touch into your kitchen. Tiles made out of copper, brass or stainless steel due to their physical properties can be shaped in many individuals patterns.

Plants, animals and historical ornaments are common and well known motives in modern art and craftsmanship.

They appear in various examples of handmade tiles.

Even delicate floral motif will elevate and enrich the look of every kitchen.

Handmade backsplsh tiles are fantastic idea for small and spacious kitchen interiors because they always draw attention.

One from idea for copper or stainless steel backsplash might be a Celtic tree of life motif. It is an ancient symbol that represents harmony and everlasting connection between earth and heaven. Celtic tree of life refers to afterlife and rebirth in nature and human life.

Those symbolic tiles used on the wall as kitchen decoration can be a remarkable touch for any house, and for your house as well.

Give A Magical Look to Your Ordinary Kitchen with These Tricks

The kitchen is an important area of your house that requires proper care and regular assessment. You don’t have to stay with your old design just because you think you don’t have enough money because you can follow these simple tips to make your kitchen look magical without breaking your bank.


Backsplashes are a cost-effective way to reflect your taste and personality in your kitchen. When it comes to backsplashes, there are many choices available, so you can narrow them down based on your personal preference. You can use extremely popular peel and stick white wall tiles cheap to do it rightly.

Paper artwork

Have you been an origami fan or loved colouring? If you were, you can use your talent to decorate your kitchen and elevate its appearance. You may even give your kitchen a complete makeover with simple paper artwork without spending too much. All you are going to need is paper, some stationery items, and a bit of creativity.

Declutter your kitchen

It might save you a lot of trouble if you can just organize your kitchen a bit better. Nothing rivals the power of decluttering your kitchen and to be honest, nothing feels better than it. To do that, just spare some hours from your weekend and put your kitchen in order. Keep the toasters, blenders, and other accessories in their rightful place, and you are one step closer to making your kitchen magical.

Change lighting

You may not realize it but changing the lighting can change the whole look and feel of your kitchen. You might even fool people into thinking that you have redone your kitchen just by changing the lighting. To give a more modern and pleasant look to your kitchen, contrast your lighting with your wall colour, and before you know it, you will be looking at a completely different place.

Bring colourful fruits

A basket of fresh colourful fruits looks great everywhere, but there is no better place for it than your kitchen. Fruits can bring life to the kitchen. Decorate your kitchen with apples, lemons, pineapples, and bananas. This tropical blend of fruits will give a punchy look to your kitchen and people will be immediately drawn towards it. Remember to use real fruits to have a better effect.

Use the right tiles

Your kitchen flooring and wall design will impact the overall look of your kitchen. Decide what kind of mood and feel you want for your kitchen. Do you like bright colours or something dark to complement the ambitious décor of your house? Whatever you do, just make sure that it resonates with the rest of the house.

Be classy with your furniture

Here is where you might have to make a little investment. But you don’t have to spend extravagantly. The key here is to get the right furniture that complements your décor instead of an expensive one that looks odd.

Final Words

Your kitchen should look fabulous. With these simple tips, you can create a kitchen design that will blow other people’s mind. Pick whatever idea suits you best and start working on it.

Where to Buy and How to Install Handmade Copper Tiles for Backsplash

Every year, many people make renovation and remodelling their kitchen. Some from them design new look of the kitchen to follow new trends and to have a small or bigger piece of art in the kitchen. From few years, fashionable is to have handmade decoration in the kitchen, for example handmade metal tiles for backsplash.

First step to have metal tiles for backsplash should be analysing the new design of the kitchen and choosing material of the tiles. Most popular are copper tiles, but some peoples who choose general bright schema of colours for the kitchen and for them the best will stainless steel tiles. Don’t forget that on the market also have brass tiles with their specific colour, something between copper and silver. So, if you chose materials ad colours for your backspalsh tiles, then is the right time to buy them.

Where to buy handmade metal tiles for backsplash

If you decided to buy popular tiles for backsplash from serial production, there is no hard to find them. Every store with building materials have in their offer a few kinds of tiles made of painted plastic or other copper-colored material.

If you decided to buy original handmade copper or stainless steel tiles the best for you will to visit a few online shop with kitchen decoration, with tiles for backsplash and there you have big chance to find this what you are looking to your kitchen. At this moment I’d like to recommend for you an online shop Copper & Craft with handmade copper tiles from Leon. His tiles are a piece of true art for your home.

If you have chosen between many kinds of design and materials that right for you, then the next step is installation of tiles on the wall.

Installing a handmade metal tiles backsplash is a great way to upgrade the look of your kitchen and to put an art accent in the interior, but it is not easy work.

To install bcksplash tiles, you can order a professional installer, or you can to do it by yourself.

If you do it yourself instead of paying the labour costs of installation, you will save money for another improving of the kitchen.

If you’ve never installed backsplash tiles before, you may run into some complications, but you can get the help from tiles seller.

Every good shop with the tiles for backsplash have instructional video for customers to show them how correctly to install the tiles on the wall.

From the other hand, here I’d like to give a few advices about some common problems you may experience, and give you some tips to help you handle them.

Installation of copper tiles for backsplash – solutions and tips

• copper tiles for backspalsh are heavy, and they need a solid support beneath the bottom row. To provide support for tiles you can use countertops there, where possible is but in open areas you have to screw in a board on the wall.

• depending upon your mosaic tiles and kind of installation, you may have a problem with correct finish of installation and that moment you should use a trim pieces to finish. Trims or frames are always available to buy in the shop with tiles for backsplash. While buy them, you should remember that they must create a stylish look and good compose with the tiles as well.

• maintenance, the maintenance of copper tiles for backsplash is not a problem. For example, you can use 1/2 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of warm water or mild soap solution and a soft cloth. When cleaning the tile’s surface, wipe it gently, then rinse the rag with warm water. Wipe the tile’s surface until you make sure that any soap or dishwashing detergent residue is removed. Then dry the surface with a soft cloth.

As you see, it is easy to do it.

With this short information about kitchen design and about handmade copper or stainless steel tiles for backsplash you have chance to find right tiles for your interior and to install them by yourself.

How to Make the Most of Your Storage Space

Storage sections play an imperative role in every household and even commercial setting. They help in arranging various items without creating any mess. Storage is undoubtedly an integral part of any setting, but generally, we fail to maintain it properly. The unmindful use of storage creates a mess and even eliminates its benefits. If you wish to fetch the maximum out of your storage area, its proper arrangement and strategic use are vital.

Following are a few suggestions which will help you arrange your storage with utmost perfection-

Clean your storage

One of the finest ways to maintain the storage and maximise use is by cleaning it regularly. If you clean your storage, you can sort necessary and unnecessary items. You can further declutter the unwanted items making space for the essentials.

Assign sections

A convenient tip for organising the storage is assigning different sections for different products. You can make a column for shoes, another for files, and a different block for clothing and accessories. It will help you in not just arranging the items but will make finding them more accessible. Cleaning sections and arranging them also becomes effortless when you have separate sections for all the items.

Label the items

The most promising way to maximise the storage’s use is by labelling the accessories. Labelling, tagging and marking the accessories help in categorising and differentiating them. Label or keep a tag for every section and box to find them effortlessly and for better storage area administration. It makes arranging and executing the spaces with ultimate ease.

Add elements

You can add more functionality to your storage by adding elements to it. You can add containers, hangers, or small boxes to keep things, adding more components and space to the storage. Adding elements will make storage not only more helpful but will also integrate an aesthetic touch,

Prevent unnecessary load or stacking

Another tip that will help you in your storage utilisation is preventing overloading or unnecessary stacking. If you put things with the mind of filling the space, it will create a lot of hassle. Make sure you keep limited items to find the necessary ones on time.

Why us?

Follow the above tips and organise your house flawlessly. If you think the organisation of your space is quite messed up and needs help, then you can contact Guillermo Blanco – the Best Interior Designer right away. We are your one-stop destination for all interior design needs. Our team acquires immense expertise in hospitality, luxury residential, retail, recreation and workplace areas. We have the finest interior designers to meet all your needs. From planning interior architecture to executing the styling of furnishings, we perform it all at our end. The main areas of our expertise are- interior architecture & landscape, decorating, styling, and personal shopper. Get in touch with us and decorate your space with the finest interior designers. Seek excellent guidance on home decor, styling and interior architecture from us and unveil remarkable benefits

An Inside Look at the Importance of a Smile in Sales

If you’re in sales, then you’ve probably heard all sorts of advice, from “don’t oversell” to “focus on solving problems.” However, one of the best pieces of advice that many forget is to smile! After all, your smile is one of the first features people notice about you, and it plays an essential role in the first impression you make. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of a smile in sales (as well as how cosmetic dentistry can help!).

Smile: Your Sale Depends on It!

Knowing your product and knowing your audience are key in sales. However, you don’t get far if your client doesn’t trust you or believe you. That’s why it’s so important to make a good first impression! Here are a few ways a smile can help:

• Smiling is more powerful than you might think – One study found that smiling has the same effect on our brain as $25,000 in cash!

• Smiling communicates your state of mind – Smiling is a non-verbal cue that you are happy to be where you are, that you are confident in your product, and that you are ready and willing to help.

• Smiling creates a ripple effect of positivity – Have you ever seen a friend yawn and done the same? Or seen someone take a sip of water and immediately realized you’re thirsty? Thanks to the mirroring neurons in our brains, we naturally mimic the behavior of those around us.

But What If You Don’t Like Your Smile?

If you don’t like your smile, don’t worry – that’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. Whether you’re struggling with misaligned, misshapen, cracked, or otherwise imperfect teeth, your smile goals aren’t out of reach. The first step? Scheduling an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist. For both my father and myself, providing high-quality, personalized, and judgment-free dentistry is a passion. There’s truly nothing better than seeing someone walk out of our office with a dazzling, confident smile! So, don’t wait to make your dream smile a reality – it could make all of the difference when it comes to your personal and professional life!

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more.

Where to buy beautiful rugs, floor mats and more. Including unique t-shirts, dresses, bags and artworks. All in one website with free shipping worldwide! is the exclusive online art gallery and home décor online store where items were designed by artist QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez. You can get all your home decorating needs in one place without worrying the shipping fee. You can collect all her original art pieces and open editions from your comfort zone in just few clicks. All original artworks will be shipped straight from the country of exhibition with free shipping worldwide. Home décor on QueenNoble is not your usual home decoration items. Every items were designed by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez exclusively made from handmade paintings turned to manipulated photos to make stunning designs for every home décor items such as the rugs, lamps, wall decors and more. Of course the original artworks of QueenNoble are all available to every collectors who collect only original artworks. The prints are premium quality, framed and ready to hang for everyone’s convenience. Rugs, lamps, pillows and others are designed by QueenNoble, and then manufactured by partnered companies in Europe and in The United States.

The artist And Designer QueenNoble

Dr. Elle Ramirez also known as QueenNoble is an American international fine arts artist, designer, sculptor, photographer and an author. Dr. Ramirez creates rare textured and embossed abstract artworks from wall sculptures to embossed paintings. Her career began from year 2006 up to this present day. (See Wikipedia.)

QueenNoble is known for her textured and embossed abstract artworks mimicking planets, natural stones and rocks, abstract engraved portraits, several monochromatic and vivid concepts.

“Live Minimal” is one of QueenNoble’s art books released year 2021. (See Google Scholar Books)

QueenNoble is also an author of several mental health books like “Quarantine: The Challenges During Quarantine and How to Keep Our Sanity”. QueenNoble is also the author of the Novel called, “The Cart Season 1”. (See more on Amazon)

One Of A Kind Products You Can Buy On QueenNoble

One of a kind luxury collectibles with certificate. Unique items designed and curated by QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez are now available on the official website. One collectible is to one collector or owner. Collectibles can be a wallet, bag, a piece of art, a furniture, a dress or a shirt and more. A first come first served basis. Handmade with love and attention. Own something that no one has in the entire world. Only on QueenNoble. What will you get on the top of that? You will receive a certificate of authenticity upon receiving your item. Free shipping worldwide. Free repair and replacement in case of a major manufacture error. Most items are handmade and are genuine leather so slight imperfections are visible which are the signs of most genuine leathers in the market. Varieties of items and vast selections although items are very quick to be sold.

Who does not want a one of a kind item? It is really disliked to run to someone with the same exact dress in an occasion or a business meeting! Now on QueenNoble not only original hand-painted artworks are available now you get to wear an art yourself anywhere and anytime. Display a furniture or a décor and be asked by a friend or a colleague, “Where can I buy one?” and of course the answer is “You can’t buy that in the market.” Because It is only one!

What happens after you buy a one of a kind on QueenNoble? The price increases yearly for 10 years. What an investment for yourself or a luxurious lifetime gift for a special someone!

From the author’s words:

If you are a collector and a shopper, QueenNoble is definitely where to go specially if you are looking for unique designer’s décor such as rugs, comforters, bags, wall art etc. A lot of selections to choose from. The designs are contemporary and modern. In one look you know where the products are from since you can only find them on The processes are also very convenient and shipping is fast worldwide.

I bought a one of a kind bag. When I received it it came with an envelope consisting the certificate. The leather bag is stunning. Fast shipping and free delivery. They also offer free repair in case there is a manufacturer error for free.

Note also that if you are a merchant you can sign up on their trading program. There is a 15-30% commission. Less work for you all you do is share the url of the product and your designated coupon code which you’ll receive when you sign up and you get paid everytime someone uses your coupon code. Sound interesting right? Copy code, share url and code on your social media and earn as you go.

QueenNoble is also on Saatchiart, Artmajeur, Singulart Galleries. On QueenNoble’s original artworks, all artworks with certificate of authenticity will be shipped straight to the collector from the current exhibited country and also free shipping worldwide.

What are anti-ligature blinds?

Anti-ligature blinds are becoming increasingly popular in a range of different settings. The way these blinds differ from traditional blinds is that they are designed to prevent suicide by hanging.

Initially, uptake for this type of blind was largely restricted to high-risk environments such as psychiatric hospitals and prisons, where suicide is common. In mental health environments and detention centres, suicide via hanging is common and preventative measures must be implemented. A huge range of objects could be used to create a ligature point, meaning anti-ligature systems are highly important.

Over the years, anti-ligature blinds have been supplied to hospitals, schools, student accommodation and even hotels.

How do they work?

There are a range of different systems on the market, but the most reliable could well be the magnetic anti-ligature system. YewdaleKestrel® products utilise load release magnets which separate when a downward force is exerted on the product. This means that the product falls to the ground safely and prevents suicide via hanging.

The magnetic systems used in Yewdale’s products are highly reliable because magnets don’t lose their strength for hundreds of years, guaranteeing a lifetime of lifesaving functionality.

Anti-ligature blinds usually have a magnetic connection point above the blind’s barrel. The blind is easy to reconnect to the magnetic bracket after it has fallen to the floor.

If you are considering an anti-ligature blind, Yewdale is a highly recommended company. Based in the UK, Yewdale produce a wide range of anti-ligature products, commercial blinds, and healthcare products including hospital cubicle tracks and medical curtains.

Yewdale produce other anti-ligature products too including a soft, lightweight en-suite door and other accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holder, shelves and artwork. You can see the full range on the website using the link below.